Does Music Matter?

If you research the benefits of music, you will discover that listening to music or taking music classes can have an impact on the social, mental, emotional, physical, and cognitive aspects of our lives.

Music certainly connects us while many other aspects of our daily lives seem to separate and divide us.
Music training has been said to boost a child’s IQ.

Motor skills and vocabulary skills can be increased through musical instruction in young children.
During the developmental pre-teen and teenage years, it has been noted that there is a self-esteem or confidence boost from learning and performing music.

While learning to play music certainly is our specialty here at The North Idaho Rock School, we would certainly not want to forget the many benefits that come from just listening to music.
Adults have linked music to stress relief, emotional balance, memory, improving social anxiety, and cutting down external distractions while working.

Some studies say that having music playing can impact how long a baby will cry.

Music can effortlessly change the mood of a gathering or set the theme of a restaurant without changing the decor.

Anyone remember the clock radio? Waking up to your favorite radio station playing your favorite tunes was certainly a more pleasant way to begin the day vs the dreaded blare of the standard installed alarm sound.
Long distance runners typically listen to music to pace their runs and timing just the right song for when they know they are going to hit an energy dip to keep them running strong.

With so many options in terms of genre, instrumentation, and vocals there is certainly a musical option for every person and every situation out there.

Who couldn’t use these benefits in their life? Certainly, music does matter in our lives and will in the lives of the future generation.

Learning a musical instrument or developing vocals both in youth and adults will no doubt leave a positive impact on each individual student and those around them. Contact us to learn more and to book your trial lesson


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